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14U Boys Standings

This year, 14U teams will play against teams from other regions, and these games are run by Area 10E. Please see their page for complete scores and standings.

However, in order to determine which teams we will send to the League Playoffs, we are keeping our own separate standings. The top team two teams and the winner of the end-of-season tournament (this may change) will qualify. In the event of a tie for the last playoff spot, there will be a head-to-head competition to determine who gets it (weather permitting).

End-of-Season Tournament

Congratulations to Sharp Shooters FC for winning the end-of-season tournament! The three teams that will advance to the League Playoffs in December are Blue, RMWP FC, and Sharp Shooters FC.

Wild Card Round
#4: 03 Da GOAT3–0#5: 04 STORM
#1: 01 Blue3–6#4: 03 Da GOAT
#2: 05 RMWP FC2–3#3: 02 Sharp Shooters FC
#3: 02 Sharp Shooters FC4–2#4: 03 Da GOAT

Round 9 (November 2)

02 Sharp Shooters FC2–3759b
01 Blue3–205 RMWP FC
363b5–104 STORM
03 Da GOAT1–4363c
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
101 Blue (Debra Heirshberg)9441131528
205 RMWP FC (Matt Crowley)9342111526
302 Sharp Shooters FC (Bill Keene)9351101525
403 Da GOAT (David Thomas)924391221
504 STORM (Michael OLeary)909001515

Round 8 (October 26)

NOTE: As of this week, we will be sending the top two teams and the tournament winner (or the third-place team, if one of the top two wins the tournament) to the League Playoffs.

363c7–004 STORM
01 Blue3–502 Sharp Shooters FC
05 RMWP FC2–2363a
03 Da GOAT4–4121b
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
101 Blue (Debra Heirshberg)8341101525
205 RMWP FC (Matt Crowley)8332111324
303 Da GOAT (David Thomas)823391019
T402 Sharp Shooters FC (Bill Keene)834110515
T404 STORM (Michael OLeary)808001515

Round 7 (October 19)

NOTE: Our referee scheduler was out of town, so all teams' ref points accumulated in this round have been incorporated into the 10/26 standings.

04 STORM1–5759a
363a2–202 Sharp Shooters FC
01 Blue7–1121a
05 RMWP FC2–3363b
759b2–403 Da GOAT
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
101 Blue (Debra Heirshberg)7331101222
205 RMWP FC (Matt Crowley)733110919
303 Da GOAT (David Thomas)72328715
T402 Sharp Shooters FC (Bill Keene)72417512
T404 STORM (Michael OLeary)707001212

Round 6 (October 12)

363c1–101 Blue
02 Sharp Shooters FC4–004 STORM
363b6–203 Da GOAT
05 RMWP FC5–1121b
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
T101 Blue (Debra Heirshberg)623171219
T105 RMWP FC (Matt Crowley)632110919
T303 Da GOAT (David Thomas)61325712
T304 STORM (Michael OLeary)606001212
502 Sharp Shooters FC (Bill Keene)62406511

Round 5 (October 5)

363b5–102 Sharp Shooters FC
01 Blue4–8363a
121b2–104 STORM
03 Da GOAT2–2121a
759a5–105 RMWP FC
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
101 Blue (Debra Heirshberg)523061016
205 RMWP FC (Matt Crowley)52217714
T303 Da GOAT (David Thomas)51225510
T304 STORM (Michael OLeary)505001010
502 Sharp Shooters FC (Bill Keene)5140358

Round 4 (September 28)

363c5–005 RMWP FC
121a3–202 Sharp Shooters FC
03 Da GOAT6–201 Blue
04 STORM0–6363a
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
101 Blue (Debra Heirshberg)42206814
205 RMWP FC (Matt Crowley)42117613
T303 Da GOAT (David Thomas)4121448
T304 STORM (Michael OLeary)4040088
502 Sharp Shooters FC (Bill Keene)4130336

Round 3 (September 21)

05 RMWP FC5–202 Sharp Shooters FC
01 Blue5–404 STORM
759a3–103 Da GOAT
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
105 RMWP FC (Matt Crowley)32017613
201 Blue (Debra Heirshberg)32106612
304 STORM (Michael OLeary)3030066
T403 Da GOAT (David Thomas)3021134
T402 Sharp Shooters FC (Bill Keene)3120314

Round 2 (September 14)

121a2–305 RMWP FC
02 Sharp Shooters FC6–403 Da GOAT
121b1–001 Blue
04 STORM0–5759b
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
105 RMWP FC (Matt Crowley)2101448
201 Blue (Debra Heirshberg)2110347
304 STORM (Michael OLeary)2020044
T403 Da GOAT (David Thomas)2011123
T402 Sharp Shooters FC (Bill Keene)2110303

Round 1 (September 7)

02 Sharp Shooters FC0–2759a
05 RMWP FC1–103 Da GOAT
04 STORM1–6121a
759b0–701 Blue
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
101 Blue (Debra Heirshberg)1100347
205 RMWP FC (Matt Crowley)1001145
304 STORM (Michael OLeary)1010044
403 Da GOAT (David Thomas)1001112
502 Sharp Shooters FC (Bill Keene)1010000


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