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10U Girls Standings

All games count towards standings. Teams get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. The top four teams will qualify for the League Playoffs (indicated with a green background; note: this number may be subject to change). In the event of a tie for the last playoff spot, there will be a head-to-head competition to determine who gets it (weather permitting).

Round 9 (November 3)

10 The Swarm7–108 Polka Dotted Pandas
02 Blue Diamonds6–013 Orange Crushers
09 Goofballs0–307 Purple Unicorns
11 Toxic Turtles4–006 Wonder Women
14 Pink Panthers6–001 Snow Leopards
12 Disco Ladybugs1–204 Blue Jays
05 Golden Retrievers2–803 Ninja Ladybugs
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
110 The Swarm (Mike Michaud)9900271441
214 Pink Panthers (Tim York)9702231437
311 Toxic Turtles (Shanon Overbeck)9810241236
402 Blue Diamonds (Ravi Ali)9630181432
T503 Ninja Ladybugs (Paul Austin)9432141327
T508 Polka Dotted Pandas (Nathan Inouye)9441131427
T704 Blue Jays (Geoff Broms)9351101323
T707 Purple Unicorns (Jeff Firmin)9441131023
901 Snow Leopards (Tyler Albrechtsen)953116622
1012 Disco Ladybugs (Summer Snider)935110818
1106 Wonder Women (Lori De La Cruz)918031114
1213 Orange Crushers (Christopher Vasquez)9261707
1305 Golden Retrievers (Andy Davis)9270606
1409 Goofballs (Renee Lodder)9090000

Round 8 (October 27)

07 Purple Unicorns2–204 Blue Jays
13 Orange Crushers1–206 Wonder Women
05 Golden Retrievers0–1001 Snow Leopards
03 Ninja Ladybugs0–308 Polka Dotted Pandas
09 Goofballs2–311 Toxic Turtles
12 Disco Ladybugs1–114 Pink Panthers
02 Blue Diamonds2–610 The Swarm
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
110 The Swarm (Mike Michaud)8800241438
214 Pink Panthers (Tim York)8602201333
311 Toxic Turtles (Shanon Overbeck)8710211031
402 Blue Diamonds (Ravi Ali)8530151429
508 Polka Dotted Pandas (Nathan Inouye)8431131326
603 Ninja Ladybugs (Paul Austin)8332111223
701 Snow Leopards (Tyler Albrechtsen)852116521
T804 Blue Jays (Geoff Broms)825171118
T807 Purple Unicorns (Jeff Firmin)834110818
T812 Disco Ladybugs (Summer Snider)834110818
1106 Wonder Women (Lori De La Cruz)817031114
1213 Orange Crushers (Christopher Vasquez)8251707
1305 Golden Retrievers (Andy Davis)8260606
1409 Goofballs (Renee Lodder)8080000

Round 7 (October 20)

06 Wonder Women0–412 Disco Ladybugs
08 Polka Dotted Pandas0–211 Toxic Turtles
04 Blue Jays4–109 Goofballs
07 Purple Unicorns0–502 Blue Diamonds
03 Ninja Ladybugs4–414 Pink Panthers
13 Orange Crushers0–105 Golden Retrievers
01 Snow Leopards1–410 The Swarm
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
110 The Swarm (Mike Michaud)7700211233
214 Pink Panthers (Tim York)7601191130
T302 Blue Diamonds (Ravi Ali)7520151126
T311 Toxic Turtles (Shanon Overbeck)761018826
503 Ninja Ladybugs (Paul Austin)7322111122
608 Polka Dotted Pandas (Nathan Inouye)7331101121
T701 Snow Leopards (Tyler Albrechtsen)742113417
T712 Disco Ladybugs (Summer Snider)73409817
904 Blue Jays (Geoff Broms)725061016
1007 Purple Unicorns (Jeff Firmin)73409615
1106 Wonder Women (Lori De La Cruz)707001111
1213 Orange Crushers (Christopher Vasquez)7241707
1305 Golden Retrievers (Andy Davis)7250606
1409 Goofballs (Renee Lodder)7070000

Round 6 (October 13)

12 Disco Ladybugs2–313 Orange Crushers
10 The Swarm6–204 Blue Jays
14 Pink Panthers5–208 Polka Dotted Pandas
11 Toxic Turtles1–007 Purple Unicorns
01 Snow Leopards5–406 Wonder Women
02 Blue Diamonds7–205 Golden Retrievers
09 Goofballs0–103 Ninja Ladybugs
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
T110 The Swarm (Mike Michaud)6600181028
T114 Pink Panthers (Tim York)6600181028
T302 Blue Diamonds (Ravi Ali)6420121022
T303 Ninja Ladybugs (Paul Austin)6321101222
T508 Polka Dotted Pandas (Nathan Inouye)6321101121
T511 Toxic Turtles (Shanon Overbeck)651015621
701 Snow Leopards (Tyler Albrechtsen)641113215
807 Purple Unicorns (Jeff Firmin)63309413
904 Blue Jays (Geoff Broms)61503912
1012 Disco Ladybugs (Summer Snider)62406511
1106 Wonder Women (Lori De La Cruz)606001010
1213 Orange Crushers (Christopher Vasquez)6231707
1305 Golden Retrievers (Andy Davis)6150303
1409 Goofballs (Renee Lodder)6060000

Round 5 (October 6)

12 Disco Ladybugs2–005 Golden Retrievers
01 Snow Leopards2–307 Purple Unicorns
11 Toxic Turtles3–203 Ninja Ladybugs
10 The Swarm3–013 Orange Crushers
14 Pink Panthers7–206 Wonder Women
09 Goofballs2–602 Blue Diamonds
08 Polka Dotted Pandas4–304 Blue Jays
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
114 Pink Panthers (Tim York)550015924
210 The Swarm (Mike Michaud)550015823
308 Polka Dotted Pandas (Nathan Inouye)531110919
T402 Blue Diamonds (Ravi Ali)53209817
T403 Ninja Ladybugs (Paul Austin)522171017
611 Toxic Turtles (Shanon Overbeck)541012416
707 Purple Unicorns (Jeff Firmin)53209312
T804 Blue Jays (Geoff Broms)51403811
T812 Disco Ladybugs (Summer Snider)52306511
1001 Snow Leopards (Tyler Albrechtsen)531110010
1106 Wonder Women (Lori De La Cruz)5050088
1213 Orange Crushers (Christopher Vasquez)5131404
1305 Golden Retrievers (Andy Davis)5140303
1409 Goofballs (Renee Lodder)5050000

Round 4 (September 29)

02 Blue Diamonds4–012 Disco Ladybugs
04 Blue Jays7–106 Wonder Women
07 Purple Unicorns3–108 Polka Dotted Pandas
05 Golden Retrievers0–911 Toxic Turtles
09 Goofballs1–514 Pink Panthers
13 Orange Crushers1–501 Snow Leopards
03 Ninja Ladybugs3–710 The Swarm
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
114 Pink Panthers (Tim York)440012820
210 The Swarm (Mike Michaud)440012618
303 Ninja Ladybugs (Paul Austin)42117815
408 Polka Dotted Pandas (Nathan Inouye)42117714
502 Blue Diamonds (Ravi Ali)42206612
611 Toxic Turtles (Shanon Overbeck)43109211
T701 Snow Leopards (Tyler Albrechtsen)430110010
T704 Blue Jays (Geoff Broms)41303710
907 Purple Unicorns (Jeff Firmin)4220639
T1006 Wonder Women (Lori De La Cruz)4040066
T1012 Disco Ladybugs (Summer Snider)4130336
1213 Orange Crushers (Christopher Vasquez)4121404
1305 Golden Retrievers (Andy Davis)4130303
1409 Goofballs (Rene Lodder)4040000

Round 3 (September 22)

06 Wonder Women1–407 Purple Unicorns
11 Toxic Turtles1–302 Blue Diamonds
08 Polka Dotted Pandas2–213 Orange Crushers
10 The Swarm7–005 Golden Retrievers
14 Pink Panthers1–004 Blue Jays
12 Disco Ladybugs3–009 Goofballs
01 Snow Leopards3–303 Ninja Ladybugs
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
T110 The Swarm (Mike Michaud)33009615
T114 Pink Panthers (Tim York)33009615
303 Ninja Ladybugs (Paul Austin)32017613
408 Polka Dotted Pandas (Nathan Inouye)32017512
511 Toxic Turtles (Shanon Overbeck)3210628
T601 Snow Leopards (Tyler Albrechtsen)3201707
T602 Blue Diamonds (Ravi Ali)3120347
T807 Purple Unicorns (Jeff Firmin)3120325
T812 Disco Ladybugs (Summer Snider)3120325
T804 Blue Jays (Geoff Broms)3030055
T806 Wonder Women (Lori De La Cruz)3030055
1213 Orange Crushers (Christopher Vasquez)3111404
1305 Golden Retrievers (Andy Davis)3120303
1409 Goofballs (Rene Lodder)3030000

Round 2 (September 15)

14 Pink Panthers4–207 Purple Unicorns
11 Toxic Turtles1–012 Disco Ladybugs
04 Blue Jays0–913 Orange Crushers
06 Wonder Women0–603 Ninja Ladybugs
01 Snow Leopards5–102 Blue Diamonds
08 Polka Dotted Pandas4–105 Golden Retrievers
10 The Swarm1–009 Goofballs
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
T103 Ninja Ladybugs (Paul Austin)22006410
T110 The Swarm (Mike Michaud)22006410
T114 Pink Panthers (Tim York)22006410
408 Polka Dotted Pandas (Nathan Inouye)2200639
T501 Snow Leopards (Tyler Albrechtsen)2200606
T511 Toxic Turtles (Shanon Overbeck)2200606
704 Blue Jays (Geoff Broms)2020044
T802 Blue Diamonds (Ravi Ali)2020033
T813 Orange Crushers (Christopher Vasquez)2110303
T806 Wonder Women (Lori De La Cruz)2020033
T805 Golden Retrievers (Andy Davis)2110303
1207 Purple Unicorns (Jeff Firmin)2020022
1312 Disco Ladybugs (Summer Snider)2020011
1409 Goofballs (Rene Lodder)2020000

Round 1 (September 8)

05 Golden Retrievers 3–2 09 Goofballs
13 Orange Crushers 0–7 11 Toxic Turtles
07 Purple Unicorns 5–6 10 The Swarm
03 Ninja Ladybugs 3–2 12 Disco Ladybugs
02 Blue Diamonds 2–3 14 Pink Panthers
06 Wonder Women 2–8 08 Polka Dotted Pandas
04 Blue Jays3–601 Snow Leopards
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
T103 Ninja Ladybugs (Paul Austin)1100325
T110 The Swarm (Mike Michaud)1100325
T114 Pink Panthers (Tim York)1100325
408 Polka Dotted Pandas (Nathan Inouye)1100314
T501 Snow Leopards (Tyler Albrechtsen)1100303
T511 Toxic Turtles (Shanon Overbeck)1100303
T505 Golden Retrievers (Andy Davis)1100303
T804 Blue Jays (Geoff Broms)1010022
T806 Wonder Women (Lori De La Cruz)1010022
T1007 Purple Unicorns (Jeff Firmin)1010011
T1002 Blue Diamonds (Ravi Ali)1010011
T1209 Goofballs (Rene Lodder)1010000
T1213 Orange Crushers (Christopher Vasquez)1010000
T1212 Disco Ladybugs (Summer Snider)1010000


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