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10U Girls Standings

All games count towards standings. Teams get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. The top 4 teams (this may change) will qualify for the League Playoffs. In the event of a tie for the last playoff spot, there will be a head-to-head competition to determine who gets it (weather permitting).

Round 10 (November 9)

03 Glowin' Git Up Girls3–001 Pink Poison
07 Blue Diamonds1–005 Lilac Attack
11 Lady Strikers2–110 Money Makers
09 The Tsunami3–212 Pink Tigers
06 Thunder2–108 Flaming Tigers
04 Galaxy Geckos0–602 Bubblegum Explosion
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
T103 Glowin' Git Up Girls (Garrett Golden)10910271542
T106 Thunder (Shanon Overbeck)10910271542
302 Bubblegum Explosion (Jeff Firmin)10811251540
410 Money Makers (Kevin Wright)10721221537
507 Blue Diamonds (Tyler Albrechtsen)10730211435
611 Lady Strikers (Jacob Rodriguez)10640181230
709 The Tsunami (Alison Amagasu)10361101020
801 Pink Poison (Jason Colvin)1046012012
904 Galaxy Geckos (Robert Patterson)102806410
1008 Flaming Tigers (Jared Pace)10271707
1112 Pink Tigers (Dianna Brister)10190303
1205 Lilac Attack (Scott Thomas)100100000

Round 9 (November 2)

05 Lilac Attack0–703 Glowin' Git Up Girls
08 Flaming Tigers1–311 Lady Strikers
10 Money Makers5–009 The Tsunami
01 Pink Poison5–004 Galaxy Geckos
02 Bubblegum Explosion1–006 Thunder
12 Pink Tigers0–307 Blue Diamonds
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
106 Thunder (Shanon Overbeck)9810241539
203 Glowin' Git Up Girls (Garrett Golden)9810241438
302 Bubblegum Explosion (Jeff Firmin)9711221537
410 Money Makers (Kevin Wright)9711221436
507 Blue Diamonds (Tyler Albrechtsen)9630181432
611 Lady Strikers (Jacob Rodriguez)9540151227
709 The Tsunami (Alison Amagasu)92617916
801 Pink Poison (Jason Colvin)945012012
904 Galaxy Geckos (Robert Patterson)92706410
1008 Flaming Tigers (Jared Pace)9261707
1112 Pink Tigers (Dianna Brister)9180303
1205 Lilac Attack (Scott Thomas)9090000

Round 8 (October 26)

03 Glowin' Git Up Girls7–012 Pink Tigers
05 Lilac Attack1–801 Pink Poison
11 Lady Strikers2–402 Bubblegum Explosion
09 The Tsunami1–108 Flaming Tigers
07 Blue Diamonds1–410 Money Makers
06 Thunder6–004 Galaxy Geckos
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
106 Thunder (Shanon Overbeck)8800241438
203 Glowin' Git Up Girls (Garrett Golden)8710211334
310 Money Makers (Kevin Wright)8611191433
402 Bubblegum Explosion (Jeff Firmin)8611191332
507 Blue Diamonds (Tyler Albrechtsen)8530151227
611 Lady Strikers (Jacob Rodriguez)8440121123
709 The Tsunami (Alison Amagasu)82517815
804 Galaxy Geckos (Robert Patterson)82606410
901 Pink Poison (Jason Colvin)8350909
1008 Flaming Tigers (Jared Pace)8251707
1112 Pink Tigers (Dianna Brister)8170303
1205 Lilac Attack (Scott Thomas)8080000

Round 7 (October 19)

NOTE: Our referee scheduler was out of town, so all teams' ref points accumulated in this round have been incorporated into the 10/26 standings.

10 Money Makers0–703 Glowin' Git Up Girls
01 Pink Poison0–306 Thunder
04 Galaxy Geckos5–611 Lady Strikers
08 Flaming Tigers3–107 Blue Diamonds
12 Pink Tigers1–005 Lilac Attack
02 Bubblegum Explosion11–109 The Tsunami
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
106 Thunder (Shanon Overbeck)7700211031
203 Glowin' Git Up Girls (Garrett Golden)7610181129
T302 Bubblegum Explosion (Jeff Firmin)7511161026
T310 Money Makers (Kevin Wright)7511161026
511 Lady Strikers (Jacob Rodriguez)7430121022
607 Blue Diamonds (Tyler Albrechtsen)743012820
709 The Tsunami (Alison Amagasu)72506713
T804 Galaxy Geckos (Robert Patterson)7250639
T808 Flaming Tigers (Jared Pace)7340909
1001 Pink Poison (Jason Colvin)7250606
1112 Pink Tigers (Dianna Brister)7160303
1205 Lilac Attack (Scott Thomas)7070000

Round 6 (October 12)

03 Glowin' Git Up Girls5–108 Flaming Tigers
12 Pink Tigers1–901 Pink Poison
09 The Tsunami2–104 Galaxy Geckos
11 Lady Strikers2–406 Thunder
05 Lilac Attack3–710 Money Makers
07 Blue Diamonds0–402 Bubblegum Explosion
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
106 Thunder (Shanon Overbeck)6600181028
T203 Glowin' Git Up Girls (Garrett Golden)6510151126
T210 Money Makers (Kevin Wright)6501161026
402 Bubblegum Explosion (Jeff Firmin)6411131023
507 Blue Diamonds (Tyler Albrechtsen)642012820
611 Lady Strikers (Jacob Rodriguez)633091019
709 The Tsunami (Alison Amagasu)62406713
804 Galaxy Geckos (Robert Patterson)6240639
T901 Pink Poison (Jason Colvin)6240606
T908 Flaming Tigers (Jared Pace)6240606
T1105 Lilac Attack (Scott Thomas)6060000
T1112 Pink Tigers (Dianna Brister)6060000

Round 5 (October 5)

08 Flaming Tigers3–105 Lilac Attack
04 Galaxy Geckos1–207 Blue Diamonds
01 Pink Poison0–111 Lady Strikers
10 Money Makers6–112 Pink Tigers
02 Bubblegum Explosion0–603 Glowin' Git Up Girls
06 Thunder5–009 The Tsunami
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
106 Thunder (Shanon Overbeck)550015924
203 Glowin' Git Up Girls (Garrett Golden)541012921
310 Money Makers (Kevin Wright)540113619
T402 Bubblegum Explosion (Jeff Firmin)531110818
T407 Blue Diamonds (Tyler Albrechtsen)541012618
611 Lady Strikers (Jacob Rodriguez)53209817
T704 Galaxy Geckos (Robert Patterson)5230639
T709 The Tsunami (Alison Amagasu)5140369
908 Flaming Tigers (Jared Pace)5230606
1001 Pink Poison (Jason Colvin)5140303
T1105 Lilac Attack (Scott Thomas)5050000
T1112 Pink Tigers (Dianna Brister)5050000

Round 4 (September 28)

05 Lilac Attack0–902 Bubblegum Explosion
10 Money Makers9–201 Pink Poison
03 Glowin' Git Up Girls7–004 Galaxy Geckos
12 Pink Tigers2–508 Flaming Tigers
07 Blue Diamonds0–606 Thunder
09 The Tsunami1–711 Lady Strikers
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
106 Thunder (Shanon Overbeck)440012820
203 Glowin' Git Up Girls (Garrett Golden)43109817
T302 Bubblegum Explosion (Jeff Firmin)430110616
T310 Money Makers (Kevin Wright)430110616
507 Blue Diamonds (Tyler Albrechtsen)43109413
611 Lady Strikers (Jacob Rodriguez)42206612
T704 Galaxy Geckos (Robert Patterson)4220639
T709 The Tsunami (Alison Amagasu)4130369
T901 Pink Poison (Jason Colvin)4130303
T908 Flaming Tigers (Jared Pace)4130303
T1105 Lilac Attack (Scott Thomas)4040000
T1112 Pink Tigers (Dianna Brister)4040000

Round 3 (September 21)

02 Bubblegum Explosion8–012 Pink Tigers
04 Galaxy Geckos2–105 Lilac Attack
01 Pink Poison1–309 The Tsunami
11 Lady Strikers2–607 Blue Diamonds
08 Flaming Tigers1–310 Money Makers
06 Thunder4–203 Glowin' Git Up Girls
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
106 Thunder (Shanon Overbeck)33009615
202 Bubblegum Explosion (Jeff Firmin)32017613
303 Glowin' Git Up Girls (Garrett Golden)32106612
407 Blue Diamonds (Tyler Albrechtsen)33009211
T504 Galaxy Geckos (Robert Patterson)3210628
T509 The Tsunami (Alison Amagasu)3120358
T710 Money Makers (Kevin Wright)3201707
T711 Lady Strikers (Jacob Rodriguez)3120347
901 Pink Poison (Jason Colvin)3120303
T1005 Lilac Attack (Scott Thomas)3030000
T1008 Flaming Tigers (Jared Pace)3030000
T1012 Pink Tigers (Dianna Brister)3030000

Round 2 (September 14)

03 Glowin' Git Up Girls7–111 Lady Strikers
12 Pink Tigers
1–404 Galaxy Geckos
10 Money Makers3–302 Bubblegum Explosion
08 Flaming Tigers0–701 Pink Poison
07 Blue Diamonds4–109 The Tsunami
05 Lilac Attack0–506 Thunder
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
T103 Glowin' Git Up Girls (Garrett Golden)22006410
T106 Thunder (Shanon Overbeck)22006410
302 Bubblegum Explosion (Jeff Firmin)2101448
407 Blue Diamonds (Tyler Albrechtsen)2200617
511 Lady Strikers (Jacob Rodriguez)2110336
604 Galaxy Geckos (Robert Patterson)2110325
710 Money Makers (Kevin Wright)2101404
T801 Pink Poison (Jason Colvin)2110303
T809 The Tsunami (Alison Amagasu)2020033
T1005 Lilac Attack (Scott Thomas)2020000
T1008 Flaming Tigers (Jared Pace)2020000
T1012 Pink Tigers (Dianna Brister)2020000

Round 1 (September 7)

04 Galaxy Geckos1–510 Money Makers
11 Lady Strikers3–205 Lilac Attack
01 Pink Poison2–307 Blue Diamonds
02 Bubblegum Explosion4–108 Flaming Tigers
09 The Tsunami0–1003 Glowin' Git Up Girls
06 Thunder9–012 Pink Tigers
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
T102 Bubblegum Explosion (Jeff Firmin)1100347
T103 Glowin' Git Up Girls (Garrett Golden)1100347
T106 Thunder (Shanon Overbeck)1100347
T407 Blue Diamonds (Tyler Albrechtsen)1100325
T411 Lady Strikers (Jacob Rodriguez)1100325
609 The Tsunami (Alison Amagasu)1010044
710 Money Makers (Kevin Wright)1100303
804 Galaxy Geckos (Robert Patterson)1010022
T901 Pink Poison (Jason Colvin)1010000
T905 Lilac Attack (Scott Thomas)1010000
T908 Flaming Tigers (Jared Pace)1010000
T912 Pink Tigers (Dianna Brister)1010000


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