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AYSO Region 42 – Newbury Park, CA

10U Boys Standings

All games count towards standings. Teams get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. The top 6 teams (this may change) will qualify for the League Playoffs. In the event of a tie for the last playoff spot, there will be a head-to-head competition to determine who gets it (weather permitting).

Round 10 (November 9)

07 Scorpions3–701 Blue Galaxy
15 Dragon Slayers3–404 Golden Surfers
03 Flaming Hot Cheetos3–114 Navy Dragons
13 Aquamen1–302 Yellow Jackets
09 Green Goblins7–312 Missiles
11 Venomous Vipers2–710 The Jaguars
05 The Smashers7–116 Black Dragons
08 Neon Ninjas7–106 The Raptors
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
110 The Jaguars (Stephen Buckley)10802261541
204 Golden Surfers (Andrew Reta)10811251338
301 Blue Galaxy (Tim Carr)10721221537
408 Neon Ninjas (David Barra)1090128634
503 Flaming Hot Cheetos (Jamie Cannon)10406181432
602 Yellow Jackets (Mark Mahone)10622201131
715 Dragon Slayers (Grahame Watts)10541161430
812 Missiles (Julian De Anda)10460121022
T905 The Smashers (Jason Nedelman)1073021021
T911 Venomous Vipers (Ruben Avendano)1028061521
1107 Scorpions (Graig Sakuma)1035211718
1214 Navy Dragons (Ozgur Aral)1018141216
T1306 The Raptors (Luis Robledo)10271707
T1316 Black Dragons (Jason Smith)10082257
T1509 Green Goblins (Jason Buckley)10280606
T1513 Aquamen (Denise Cunningham)10280606

Round 9 (November 2)

10 The Jaguars5–309 Green Goblins
04 Golden Surfers4–213 Aquamen
16 Black Dragons4–407 Scorpions
12 Missiles0–903 Flaming Hot Cheetos
02 Yellow Jackets6–111 Venomous Vipers
01 Blue Galaxy2–408 Neon Ninjas
14 Navy Dragons3–805 The Smashers
06 The Raptors2–315 Dragon Slayers
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
110 The Jaguars (Stephen Buckley)9702231538
201 Blue Galaxy (Tim Carr)9621191534
304 Golden Surfers (Andrew Reta)9711221133
T408 Neon Ninjas (David Barra)980125530
T415 Dragon Slayers (Grahame Watts)9531161430
603 Flaming Hot Cheetos (Jamie Cannon)9306151227
702 Yellow Jackets (Mark Mahone)952217926
812 Missiles (Julian De Anda)9450121022
911 Venomous Vipers (Ruben Avendano)927061521
T1005 The Smashers (Jason Nedelman)963018018
T1007 Scorpions (Graig Sakuma)934211718
1214 Navy Dragons (Ozgur Aral)917141115
T1306 The Raptors (Luis Robledo)9261707
T1316 Black Dragons (Jason Smith)9072257
1513 Aquamen (Denise Cunningham)9270606
1609 Green Goblins (Jason Buckley)9180303

Round 8 (October 26)

07 Scorpions5–314 Navy Dragons
13 Aquamen3–106 The Raptors
05 The Smashers8–212 Missiles
11 Venomous Vipers0–804 Golden Surfers
03 Flaming Hot Cheetos1–110 The Jaguars
09 Green Goblins1–802 Yellow Jackets
16 Black Dragons1–601 Blue Galaxy
15 Dragon Slayers3–808 Neon Ninjas
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
110 The Jaguars (Stephen Buckley)8602201535
201 Blue Galaxy (Tim Carr)8611191433
304 Golden Surfers (Andrew Reta)8611191029
408 Neon Ninjas (David Barra)870122527
515 Dragon Slayers (Grahame Watts)8431131326
603 Flaming Hot Cheetos (Jamie Cannon)8206121022
T702 Yellow Jackets (Mark Mahone)842214721
T711 Venomous Vipers (Ruben Avendano)826061521
912 Missiles (Julian De Anda)844012820
1007 Scorpions (Graig Sakuma)834110717
1105 The Smashers (Jason Nedelman)853015015
1214 Navy Dragons (Ozgur Aral)816141014
1306 The Raptors (Luis Robledo)8251707
T1413 Aquamen (Denise Cunningham)8260606
T1416 Black Dragons (Jason Smith)8071156
1609 Green Goblins (Jason Buckley)8170303

Round 7 (October 19)

NOTE: Our referee scheduler was out of town, so all teams' ref points accumulated in this round have been incorporated into the 10/26 standings.

12 Missiles3–707 Scorpions
06 The Raptors2–411 Venomous Vipers
10 The Jaguars2–005 The Smashers
04 Golden Surfers5–209 Green Goblins
02 Yellow Jackets0–003 Flaming Hot Cheetos
01 Blue Galaxy4–215 Dragon Slayers
08 Neon Ninjas4–013 Aquamen
14 Navy Dragons2–216 Black Dragons
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
110 The Jaguars (Stephen Buckley)7601191231
201 Blue Galaxy (Tim Carr)7511161127
T304 Golden Surfers (Andrew Reta)751116723
T308 Neon Ninjas (David Barra)760119423
515 Dragon Slayers (Grahame Watts)742113922
T611 Venomous Vipers (Ruben Avendano)725061218
T612 Missiles (Julian De Anda)743012618
803 Flaming Hot Cheetos (Jamie Cannon)720511617
902 Yellow Jackets (Mark Mahone)732211314
T1007 Scorpions (Graig Sakuma)72417613
T1014 Navy Dragons (Ozgur Aral)71514913
1205 The Smashers (Jason Nedelman)743012012
1306 The Raptors (Luis Robledo)7241707
1416 Black Dragons (Jason Smith)7061156
T1509 Green Goblins (Jason Buckley)7160303
T1513 Aquamen (Denise Cunningham)7160303

Round 6 (October 12)

07 Scorpions3–510 The Jaguars
11 Venomous Vipers1–808 Neon Ninjas
09 Green Goblins1–706 The Raptors
05 The Smashers1–302 Yellow Jackets
03 Flaming Hot Cheetos3–304 Golden Surfers
14 Navy Dragons3–601 Blue Galaxy
16 Black Dragons1–612 Missiles
13 Aquamen1–315 Dragon Slayers
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
110 The Jaguars (Stephen Buckley)6501161228
201 Blue Galaxy (Tim Carr)6411131124
315 Dragon Slayers (Grahame Watts)641113922
T404 Golden Surfers (Andrew Reta)641113720
T408 Neon Ninjas (David Barra)650116420
612 Missiles (Julian De Anda)642012618
703 Flaming Hot Cheetos (Jamie Cannon)620410616
811 Venomous Vipers (Ruben Avendano)615031215
902 Yellow Jackets (Mark Mahone)632110313
T1005 The Smashers (Jason Nedelman)642012012
T1014 Navy Dragons (Ozgur Aral)61503912
1207 Scorpions (Graig Sakuma)61414610
1306 The Raptors (Luis Robledo)6231707
1416 Black Dragons (Jason Smith)6060055
T1509 Green Goblins (Jason Buckley)6150303
T1513 Aquamen (Denise Cunningham)6150303

Round 5 (October 5)

08 Neon Ninjas6–109 Green Goblins
02 Yellow Jackets3–307 Scorpions
06 The Raptors0–003 Flaming Hot Cheetos
04 Golden Surfers3–405 The Smashers
01 Blue Galaxy5–313 Aquamen
15 Dragon Slayers8–011 Venomous Vipers
10 The Jaguars5–116 Black Dragons
12 Missiles4–114 Navy Dragons
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
110 The Jaguars (Stephen Buckley)5401131023
201 Blue Galaxy (Tim Carr)5311101020
315 Dragon Slayers (Grahame Watts)531110818
404 Golden Surfers (Andrew Reta)541012517
508 Neon Ninjas (David Barra)540113215
T603 Flaming Hot Cheetos (Jamie Cannon)52039413
T611 Venomous Vipers (Ruben Avendano)514031013
805 The Smashers (Jason Nedelman)541012012
914 Navy Dragons (Ozgur Aral)51403811
1002 Yellow Jackets (Mark Mahone)52217310
1112 Missiles (Julian De Anda)5320909
1207 Scorpions (Graig Sakuma)5131448
T1306 The Raptors (Luis Robledo)5131404
T1316 Black Dragons (Jason Smith)5050044
T1509 Green Goblins (Jason Buckley)5140303
T1513 Aquamen (Denise Cunningham)5140303

Round 4 (September 28)

09 Green Goblins2–815 Dragon Slayers
16 Black Dragons1–202 Yellow Jackets
07 Scorpions0–104 Golden Surfers
05 The Smashers5–206 The Raptors
12 Missiles3–201 Blue Galaxy
14 Navy Dragons1–410 The Jaguars
03 Flaming Hot Cheetos1–108 Neon Ninjas
11 Venomous Vipers0–513 Aquamen
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
110 The Jaguars (Stephen Buckley)430110818
T201 Blue Galaxy (Tim Carr)42117815
T204 Golden Surfers (Andrew Reta)440012315
415 Dragon Slayers (Grahame Watts)42117613
508 Neon Ninjas (David Barra)430110212
T603 Flaming Hot Cheetos (Jamie Cannon)42028311
T611 Venomous Vipers (Ruben Avendano)41303811
814 Navy Dragons (Ozgur Aral)41303710
905 The Smashers (Jason Nedelman)4310909
T1002 Yellow Jackets (Mark Mahone)4220606
T1012 Missiles (Julian De Anda)4220606
1207 Scorpions (Graig Sakuma)4130325
T1306 The Raptors (Luis Robledo)4130303
T1309 Green Goblins (Jason Buckley)4130303
T1313 Aquamen (Denise Cunningham)4130303
1616 Black Dragons (Jason Smith)4040022

Round 3 (September 21)

06 The Raptors2–607 Scorpions
02 Yellow Jackets4–314 Navy Dragons
15 Dragon Slayers1–103 Flaming Hot Cheetos
04 Golden Surfers2–116 Black Dragons
08 Neon Ninja6–005 The Smashers
01 Blue Galaxy8–111 Venomous Vipers
13 Aquamen2–309 Green Goblins
10 The Jaguars6–212 Missiles
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
T101 Blue Galaxy (Tim Carr)32017613
T110 The Jaguars (Stephen Buckley)32017613
T304 Golden Surfers (Andrew Reta)33009110
T308 Neon Ninjas (David Barra)33009110
T503 Flaming Hot Cheetos (Jamie Cannon)3201729
T511 Venomous Vipers (Ruben Avendano)3120369
T514 Navy Dragons (Ozgur Aral)3120369
T515 Dragon Slayers (Grahame Watts)3111459
905 The Smashers (Jason Nedelman)3210606
1007 Scorpions (Graig Sakuma)3120325
T1102 Yellow Jackets (Mark Mahone)3120303
T1106 The Raptors (Luis Robledo)3120303
T1109 Green Goblins (Jason Buckley)3120303
T1112 Missiles (Julian De Anda)3120303
1516 Black Dragons (Jason Smith)3030022
1613 Aquamen (Denise Cunningham)3030000

Round 2 (September 14)

03 Flaming Hot Cheetos3–113 Aquamen
14 Navy Dragons2–504 Golden Surfers
07 Scorpions1–808 Neon Ninja
09 Green Goblins3–511 Venomous Vipers
16 Black Dragons
1–206 The Raptors
10 The Jaguars2–201 Blue Galaxy
05 The Smashers5–215 Dragon Slayers
12 Missiles2–102 Yellow Jackets
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
T101 Blue Galaxy (Tim Carr)2101448
T110 The Jaguars (Stephen Buckley)2101448
T303 Flaming Hot Cheetos (Jamie Cannon)2200617
T308 Neon Ninjas (David Barra)2200617
T311 Venomous Vipers (Ruben Avendano)2110347
T314 Navy Dragons (Ozgur Aral)2110347
T704 Golden Surfers (Andrew Reta)2200606
T705 The Smashers (Jason Nedelman)2200606
T715 Dragon Slayers (Grahame Watts)2110336
T1006 The Raptors (Luis Robledo)2110303
T1012 Missiles (Julian De Anda)2110303
T1207 Scorpions (Graig Sakuma)2020022
T1216 Black Dragons (Jason Smith)2020022
T1402 Yellow Jackets (Mark Mahone)2020000
T1409 Green Goblins (Jason Buckley)2020000
T1413 Aquamen (Denise Cunningham)2020000

Round 1 (September 7)

15 Dragon Slayers4–307 Scorpions
01 Blue Galaxy9–009 Green Goblins
04 Golden Surfers4–012 Missiles
13 Aquamen2–505 The Smashers
06 The Raptors3–814 Navy Dragons
08 Neon Ninja4–016 Black Dragon
11 Venomous Vipers0–703 Flaming Hot Cheetos
02 Yellow Jackets2–810 The Jaguars
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
T101 Blue Galaxy (Tim Carr)1100347
T110 The Jaguars (Stephen Buckley)1100347
T114 Navy Dragons (Ozgur Aral)1100347
T115 Dragon Slayers (Grahame Watts)1100347
511 Venomous Vipers (Ruben Avendano)1010044
T603 Flaming Hot Cheetos (Jamie Cannon)1100303
T604 Golden Surfers (Andrew Reta)1100303
T605 The Smashers (Jason Nedelman)1100303
T608 Neon Ninjas (David Barra)1100303
T1007 Scorpions (Graig Sakuma)1010022
T1016 Black Dragons (Jason Smith)1010022
T1202 Yellow Jackets (Mark Mahone)1010000
T1206 The Raptors (Luis Robledo)1010000
T1209 Green Goblins (Jason Buckley)1010000
T1212 Missiles (Julian De Anda)1010000
T1213 Aquamen (Denise Cunningham)1010000


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