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AYSO Region 42 – Newbury Park, CA

10U Boys Standings

All games count towards standings. Teams get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. The top four teams will qualify for the League Playoffs (indicated with a green background; note: this number may be subject to change). In the event of a tie for the last playoff spot, there will be a head-to-head competition to determine who gets it (weather permitting).

Round 9 (November 3)

05 E=MC Hammer3–302 StingRays
03 Goalbusters2–304 Venom
13 Grenades1–215 Thunderstorm
09 Teal Titans6–106 Ice Dragons
07 Golden Tigers6–310 Raptors
11 Blue Panthers2–108 Silver Bullets
14 Stormtroopers4–501 Flaming Ninjas
16 Meteors9–112 Warriors
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
107 Golden Tigers (Kenneth Goodwin)9801251439
201 Flaming Ninjas (David Barra)9720211334
T315 Thunderstorm (Gregory Steiner)9630181432
T316 Meteors (Steven Wood)9630181432
T505 E=MC Hammer (Lori De La Cruz)9531161430
T513 Grenades (Koby Reynolds)9531161430
T704 Venom (Alma Cherniss)9423151429
T714 Stormtroopers (Dan Rocha)9540151429
T903 Goalbusters (Jamie Cannon)9342111021
T909 Teal Titans (Alex Knox)926171421
T912 Warriors (Jason Nedelman)953116521
1211 Blue Panthers (John Malouf)934211920
1302 StingRays (Andrew Buben)915361016
1408 Silver Bullets (Kevin Knoedler)91803811
T1506 Ice Dragons (Robbie Flynn)9360909
T1510 Raptors (Mark Mahone)9081189

Round 8 (October 27)

14 Stormtroopers8–110 Raptors
16 Meteors8–002 StingRays
07 Golden Tigers3–304 Venom
03 Goalbusters2–108 Silver Bullets
05 E=MC Hammer6–206 Ice Dragons
12 Warriors2–101 Flaming Ninjas
11 Blue Panthers1–313 Grenades
09 Teal Titans2–115 Thunderstorm
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
107 Golden Tigers (Kenneth Goodwin)8701221436
213 Grenades (Koby Reynolds)8521161430
T301 Flaming Ninjas (David Barra)8620181129
T314 Stormtroopers (Dan Rocha)8530151429
T315 Thunderstorm (Gregory Steiner)8530151429
T316 Meteors (Steven Wood)8530151429
705 E=MC Hammer (Lori De La Cruz)8530151227
804 Venom (Alma Cherniss)8323121426
T903 Goalbusters (Jamie Cannon)8332111021
T912 Warriors (Jason Nedelman)852116521
1109 Teal Titans (Alex Knox)816141317
1211 Blue Panthers (John Malouf)82428816
1302 StingRays (Andrew Buben)81525813
1408 Silver Bullets (Kevin Knoedler)81703811
T1506 Ice Dragons (Robbie Flynn)8350909
T1510 Raptors (Mark Mahone)8071189

Round 7 (October 20)

08 Silver Bullets1–706 Ice Dragons
11 Blue Panthers6–310 Raptors
07 Golden Tigers6–401 Flaming Ninjas
13 Grenades7–102 StingRays
09 Teal Titans1–412 Warriors
15 Thunderstorm3–204 Venom
03 Goalbusters1–314 Stormtroopers
05 E=MC Hammer5–416 Meteors
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
107 Golden Tigers (Kenneth Goodwin)7700211334
T201 Flaming Ninjas (David Barra)761018927
T215 Thunderstorm (Gregory Steiner)7520151227
T413 Grenades (Koby Reynolds)7421131124
T414 Stormtroopers (Dan Rocha)7430121224
T416 Meteors (Steven Wood)7430121224
T704 Venom (Alma Cherniss)7322111223
T705 E=MC Hammer (Lori De La Cruz)7430121123
912 Warriors (Jason Nedelman)742113316
T1003 Goalbusters (Jamie Cannon)72328715
T1011 Blue Panthers (John Malouf)72328715
1209 Teal Titans (Alex Knox)706111112
T1302 StingRays (Andrew Buben)71425611
T1308 Silver Bullets (Kevin Knoedler)71603811
T1506 Ice Dragons (Robbie Flynn)7340909
T1510 Raptors (Mark Mahone)7061189

Round 6 (October 13)

10 Raptors1–605 E=MC Hammer
02 StingRays1–103 Goalbusters
04 Venom4–109 Teal Titans
01 Flaming Ninjas5–115 Thunderstorm
12 Warriors3–707 Golden Tigers
06 Ice Dragons4–211 Blue Panthers
14 Stormtroopers2–716 Meteors
08 Silver Bullets1–213 Grenades
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
107 Golden Tigers (Kenneth Goodwin)6600181230
201 Flaming Ninjas (David Barra)660018725
T304 Venom (Alma Cherniss)6312111122
T315 Thunderstorm (Gregory Steiner)6420121022
T316 Meteors (Steven Wood)6420121022
613 Grenades (Koby Reynolds)6321101020
T705 E=MC Hammer (Lori De La Cruz)633091019
T714 Stormtroopers (Dan Rocha)633091019
903 Goalbusters (Jamie Cannon)62228614
1012 Warriors (Jason Nedelman)632110212
T1102 StingRays (Andrew Buben)61325611
T1111 Blue Panthers (John Malouf)61325611
T1308 Silver Bullets (Kevin Knoedler)61503710
T1309 Teal Titans (Alex Knox)60511910
1510 Raptors (Mark Mahone)6051189
1606 Ice Dragons (Robbie Flynn)6240606

Round 5 (October 6)

10 Raptors1–412 Warriors
08 Silver Bullets2–305 E=MC Hammer
04 Venom3–416 Meteors
13 Grenades6–109 Teal Titans
02 StingRays1–214 Stormtroopers
01 Flaming Ninjas4–211 Blue Panthers
06 Ice Dragons0–507 Golden Tigers
15 Thunderstorm2–103 Goalbusters
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
107 Golden Tigers (Kenneth Goodwin)5500151025
201 Flaming Ninjas (David Barra)550015722
315 Thunderstorm (Gregory Steiner)541012820
404 Venom (Alma Cherniss)521281018
T514 Stormtroopers (Dan Rocha)53209817
T516 Meteors (Steven Wood)53209817
T705 E=MC Hammer (Lori De La Cruz)52306915
T713 Grenades (Koby Reynolds)52217815
903 Goalbusters (Jamie Cannon)52217613
1012 Warriors (Jason Nedelman)531110111
1111 Blue Panthers (John Malouf)51225510
T1209 Teal Titans (Alex Knox)5041189
T1210 Raptors (Mark Mahone)5041189
T1402 StingRays (Andrew Buben)5131448
T1408 Silver Bullets (Kevin Knoedler)5140358
1606 Ice Dragons (Robbie Flynn)5140303

Round 4 (September 29)

14 Stormtroopers4–504 Venom
03 Goalbusters1–213 Grenades
05 E=MC Hammer2–315 Thunderstorm
16 Meteors2–406 Ice Dragons
10 Raptors2–701 Flaming Ninjas
07 Golden Tigers6–108 Silver Bullets
12 Warriors5–102 StingRays
09 Teal Titans1–411 Blue Panthers
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
107 Golden Tigers (Kenneth Goodwin)440012820
201 Flaming Ninjas (David Barra)440012618
304 Venom (Alma Cherniss)42028816
415 Thunderstorm (Gregory Steiner)43109615
T514 Stormtroopers (Dan Rocha)42206612
T516 Meteors (Steven Wood)42206612
T703 Goalbusters (Jamie Cannon)42117411
T713 Grenades (Koby Reynolds)41214711
905 E=MC Hammer (Lori De La Cruz)41303710
T1010 Raptors (Mark Mahone)4031189
T1011 Blue Panthers (John Malouf)4112549
T1202 StingRays (Andrew Buben)4121448
T1212 Warriors (Jason Nedelman)4211718
1409 Teal Titans (Alex Knox)4031167
1508 Silver Bullets (Kevin Knoedler)4130336
1606 Ice Dragons (Robbie Flynn)4130303

Round 3 (September 22)

12 Warriors0–103 Goalbusters
04 Venom0–013 Grenades
01 Flaming Ninjas7–108 Silver Bullets
10 Raptors2–209 Teal Titans
16 Meteors6–807 Golden Tigers
14 Stormtroopers6–205 E=MC Hammer
06 Ice Dragons2–315 Thunderstorm
02 StingRays1–111 Blue Panthers
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
107 Golden Tigers (Kenneth Goodwin)33009615
201 Flaming Ninjas (David Barra)33009413
304 Venom (Alma Cherniss)31025611
T414 Stormtroopers (Dan Rocha)32106410
T416 Meteors (Steven Wood)32106410
T415 Thunderstorm (Gregory Steiner)32106410
T403 Goalbusters (Jamie Cannon)32017310
805 E=MC Hammer (Lori De La Cruz)3120358
T910 Raptors (Mark Mahone)3021167
T902 StingRays (Andrew Buben)3111437
1113 Grenades (Koby Reynolds)3021156
T1211 Blue Panthers (John Malouf)3012235
T1208 Silver Bullets (Kevin Knoedler)3120325
T1209 Teal Titans (Alex Knox)3021145
1512 Warriors (Jason Nedelman)3111404
1606 Ice Dragons (Robbie Flynn)3030000

Round 2 (September 15)

10 Raptors2–716 Meteors
08 Silver Bullets5–109 Teal Titans
02 StingRays1–707 Golden Tigers
12 Warriors4–014 Stormtroopers
06 Ice Dragons1–403 Goalbusters
04 Venom5–205 E=MC Hammer
15 Thunderstorm4–211 Blue Panthers
01 Flaming Ninjas3–113 Grenades
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
107 Golden Tigers (Kenneth Goodwin)22006410
201 Flaming Ninjas (David Barra)2200639
T316 Meteors (Steven Wood)2200628
T304 Venom (Alma Cherniss)2101448
505 E=MC Hammer (Lori De La Cruz)2110336
T615 Thunderstorm (Gregory Steiner)2110325
T614 Stormtroopers (Dan Rocha)2110325
T603 Goalbusters (Jamie Cannon)2101415
T912 Warriors (Jason Nedelman)2101404
T908 Silver Bullets (Kevin Knoedler)2110314
T909 Teal Titans (Alex Knox)2020044
T910 Raptors (Mark Mahone)2020044
T902 StingRays (Andrew Buben)2110314
T1411 Blue Panthers (John Malouf)2011123
T1413 Grenades (Koby Reynolds)2020033
1606 Ice Dragons (Robbie Flynn)2020000

Round 1 (September 8)

11 Blue Panthers1–103 Goalbusters
02 StingRays2–110 Raptors
13 Grenades2–305 E=MC Hammer
04 Venom2–212 Warriors
08 Silver Bullets3–516 Meteors
15 Thunderstorm2–507 Golden Tigers
06 Ice Dragons0–514 Stormtroopers
01 Flaming Ninjas3–009 Teal Titans
RankTeam nameGamesWinsLossesDrawsPointsRef pointsTotal
107 Golden Tigers (Kenneth Goodwin)1100325
T201 Flaming Ninjas (David Barra)1100314
T202 StingRays (Andrew Buben)1100314
T205 E=MC Hammer (Lori De La Cruz)1100314
T216 Meteors (Steven Wood)1100314
T604 Venom (Alma Cherniss)1001123
T614 Stormtroopers (Dan Rocha)1100303
T803 Goalbusters (Jamie Cannon)1001112
T809 Teal Titans (Alex Knox)1010022
T810 Raptors (Mark Mahone)1010022
T811 Blue Panthers (John Malouf)1001112
T815 Thunderstorm (Gregory Steiner)1010022
T1312 Warriors (Jason Nedelman)1001101
T1313 Grenades (Koby Reynolds)1010011
T1506 Ice Dragons (Robbie Flynn)1010000
T1508 Silver Bullets (Kevin Knoedler)1010000


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