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Practice information (post-season)

For post-season play, preference goes to teams preparing for League Playoffs. This applies to both field reservations and player scheduling conflicts, meaning

  1. Teams preparing for League Playoffs have priority for field reservations.
  2. For players who are participating in both tournaments, if there are scheduling conflicts between the League Playoff team and the All-Star team, players should practice with the former.

Practice field reservations

We have fewer practice locations for post-season play than we do in the regular season. Also given that it gets dark early in winter, coaches will most likely not be able to use neighborhood parks as they generally do not have lights. The following fields may be reserved:

Field Last day of permit M Tu W Th F
Dos Vientos 1
Nov. 27, 2019
5–10 PM
5–8 PM
5–10 PM
5–8 PM

Dos Vientos 2
Nov. 27, 2019
5–8 PM
5–8 PM
5–8 PM
5–8 PM

Dos Vientos 3
Nov. 27, 2019
5–8 PM
5–8 PM
5–8 PM
5–8 PM
5–8 PM
Jan. 31, 2020
5–8 PM
5–8 PM
5–8 PM
5–8 PM
5–8 PM
July 1, 2020
3:30–8:30 PM
3:30–8:30 PM
3:30–8:30 PM
3:30–8:30 PM
3:30–8:30 PM

Rain closures

With rain more likely during the winter and spring months, please be sure to check the CRPD field status page to see if your practice field is open. Because Sequoia is not managed by CRPD, our rule is: If Borchard is closed, then we consider Sequoia to be closed as well. Please do not practice on fields when they are closed. However, it is acceptable to practice on asphalt or concrete surfaces, such as the Sequoia basketball courts.

What spots are already taken?

Everyone can view the shared calendar, which includes both practices and games.

Use the drop-down menus to filter by game schedule (by division), by location, and/or by division/team (click the + icon to expand so you can select individual fields or teams). You can combine multiple filters at once to see, for example, all 12U teams at Borchard.

To navigate to a specific day, you can click the header above the calendar (as shown above), or in the calendar itself, click the date (shown in green). You can view the details of any individual event by hovering your mouse above the listing (or click/tap on mobile).

Practice Self-Scheduling

Ground rules

The short version of the rules is, don't be a jerk. This system depends on coaches acting in good faith. If you try to get around the rules or to creatively interpret them, all that does is create ill will and more hassle for everyone. Anyway, here are the formal rules:

  1. Coaches may make only one field reservation per team.
  2. Teams must schedule practices in a consistent manner. In other words, pick the same time slots each week (e.g., Tu/Th 5:00 to 6:30), but time slots and locations may vary during the week (e.g., Tu 5:00, Th 6:30). Of course, teams may reschedule practices as needed during the season, but those should be done on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Except under special circumstances, coaches may not make reservations before the dates shown above.
  4. Without prior authorization, coaches may not make reservations for fields that their teams are not allowed on (for example, 7U teams may not make reservations for Borchard or Dos Vientos). This restriction will be waived at beginning of November (when Daylight Saving Time ends and the 16U/19U seasons are over) so that teams that use Pepper Tree and Rancho Conejo will be able to use a field with lights.
  5. Practice times at Borchard and Dos Vientos are 5:00–6:30 and 6:30–8:00. Because we only have the fields for 3 hours each night, do not schedule for other time slots. Similarly, at Rancho Conejo the times are 4:00–5:30 and 5:30–7:00.
  6. After adding the practice schedule to the calendar, coaches must send an email with their division and team number to [email protected].

Any team found to be in violation of the above rules will have their practices deleted from the calendar. Any team whose practice schedule does not match the email will have their practices deleted from the calendar.


NOTE: Users have reported difficulties with scheduling when using a mobile device. Your mileage may vary, but if you run into any problems, first try it on desktop. If you still have problems, please contact the web administrator.

1. Log in to your account

For security purposes, people who are not associated with the team have very limited access to the team page, and only team personnel may edit the calendar.

2. Go to your team calendar page.

To get there, there are several routes.

  • Assuming you are logged in right now, follow this link to the Team Directory (also found in the Team Central navigation item), then choose your division. In the list, find your team and click the calendar button
  • From your account page after you log in, there is a link to your team page from the player info.

  • If you are a coach who does not have kids playing this season, you can do the same from the volunteer tab.

Once you are on the team page, go the calendar, and click the Create Event button.

You will see two choices: Practice (select this one) and Other. "Other" is for things like team parties, but you can also use it to schedule practices at non-reserved locations. This will bring up the following:

3. Check field availability

To find an available field, you can view the shared calendar (as described above), or use the "Field Availability" link in the upper right., which opens a popup window with a chart.

Enter the first day you want to hold practice in the date box (upper left) and select your location in the left column. Please note at Pepper Tree and Dos Vientos, some fields are marked for games and some are marked for practices. Choose one of the practice fields (if you choose a game field, you will find all the times are unavailable). This chart is for reference only. 10U & older teams should also ensure that the time slot for the their second practice is also available.

4. Create the calendar event(s)

The process is similar to adding events in any online calendar. For teams that practice twice a week, if your time slots or locations change (e.g., Tuesdays 5:00, Thursdays 6:30 / Tuesdays at Dos Vientos, Thursdays at Sequoia), then you will need to create two separate calendar events.

  1. Choose the location and the field.
  2. Set your practice start time.
  3. Check the "Repeat Event" box.
  4. Select the days you will have practice on (7/8U: only 1x/week, 10U+: 2x/week)
  5. Check the second radio button for "On" and enter the stop date – the 2nd week of November (note: practices at Dos Vientos in November will have to be moved due to end-of-season tournaments)
  6. Set the practice length (maximums: 7/8U: 1 hour; 10U+: 1 hour 30 minutes)
  7. Enable or disable event reminder emails
  8. If you want the players and parents to be notified about this practice schedule, check the last box

5. Conflicts

Because multiple people may be making reservations at the same time, it is possible that a field that was shown to be available in the field availability popup is no longer so when the Save button is clicked. If that happens, the system will display a message and will not allow the event to be created. Conflicts caused by overlapping coach schedules will also result in the prevention of the event creation. If that happens, you will have to find another time/day.

Making changes

Practices are created as individual calendar events, so they may be changed or cancelled on an individual basis. When you save any changes, you will be asked if those are for the individual event, all future events, or all events in the series.

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