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What's New 2022

Live Scan Policy for CA Volunteers

Effective, January 1, 2022, all volunteers in California MUST have a one-time background check as approved by the California Department of Justice to exclude individuals with a history of child abuse. This form of background check requires live scan finger printing.

Safe Sport certification for Volunteers

Effective, January 1, 2022, all volunteers for youth sports MUST complete the Safe Sport course. If you have taken the course for another youth sport you may upload your certificate to your account. Please see the volunteer page for instructions on how to take this course. 

What remains mandatory?

Coach encroachment on the field

Region 42 will have zero tolerance for coaches entering the field of play to challenge a referee.  Referees are instructed to send the coach off, meaning the coach will leave the vicinity of the field and go to the parking lot.  If a coach refuses to leave the field the game will be terminated as a forfeit win for the opponent.  In addition to the sendoff, the coach will receive at a minimum an additional game suspension.

SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) Training

SCA certification is now required in accordance with California state law for all coaches, referees, and other administrators. The course is available at AYSOU. Please see the volunteer page for instructions on how to take this course. 

Changes to the Laws of the Game

Please review these changes carefully as there are several that will likely cause some spectators and coaches a bit of confusion if they are uninformed. Link to Law changes.

7U and 8U Referees:

We no longer offer 8U referee courses.  All referee training in Region 42 will be Basic (Regional) Referee level.  Qualified referees holding a referee certification can sign up for games through the referee schedule program.  These are the preferred referees for 7U and 8U games.  Coaches in 7U and 8U will be default referees for their games if qualified referees don’t sign up.  Coaches will decide before the game starts whether one coach will referee the entire game, or if each will do ½ of the game.  Coaches will be provided with 8U official materials so they understand the laws of the game that should be enforced.  Assistant referees for the sideline can be parents or coaches.  ARs will signal in or out of play only, as offside isn’t enforced at 7U and 8U level.  The intent will be simply to encourage fun, fair and safe play while instructing the players on the basic laws of the game.

Handshake line clarification:

We have had far too many instances of coaches using the handshake line at the end of games to air grievances, whether to opposing players, coaches, or the referee team.  The handshake line is for one purpose, and that is to express sportsmanship.  The only words that should be used in the handshake line are phrases such as “Good job”, “Well done”, and “Thanks”.  Any instance of airing grievances to a player, a coach, or a referee, no matter how valid the grievance, will earn an automatic one game suspension.  Issues with a player or coach should be brought to the attention of the division director, and issues with a referee should be brought to the attention of the referee administrator.

Age Appropriate Coach Certification

You must be certified at the age level you are coaching. Online coach certification is no longer acceptable without field training.

Safe Haven/Concussion Awareness

AYSO Safe Haven and Concussion certifications are required. In accordance with California state law, the CDC Concussion Awareness class is now required for all coaches, referees, and other administrators. Both courses are available at AYSOU. Please see the volunteer page for instructions on how to take this course. 

U.S. Soccer Player Development Initiatives

12U Division

For the 2017 season, it was decided that goalkeepers may not drop kick or punt the ball into the air. This restriction has been rescinded. In 2018, drop kicking/punting by the goalkeeper is permitted. However, players still may NOT head the ball and coaches may not do any activities in practices that involve heading.

8U/10U Divisions

In an effort to encourage possession football, an extra line known as the "build-out line" has been added to each half of the field, halfway between the penalty area (aka the "18-yard box") and the half line. Changes to this rule are in bold. (Note that US Soccer only proscribes the use of the build-out line in 10U, but Region 42 has decided to use it in 8U as well.)

  • When the goalkeeper is in possession of the ball, either in their hand or taking a goal kick, the defending team must retreat behind that line.
  • The goalkeeper may play the ball past the build-out line if they so wish. Previously, they were required to roll or pass the ball to a teammate who is on their side of the line. However, they still may not punt or drop-kick the ball.
  • For the rule that goalkeepers must release the ball within six seconds of picking it up, the clock does not start until the defending team has retreated behind the build-out line.
  • The ball is in play as soon as the the goalkeeper releases the ball, even if the opposing team has not yet retreated behind the line (i.e., they don't have to go back behind the line before advancing again).
  • On a goal kick, the defending team must wait until the ball is kicked before they may advance, but remember that the ball is not in play until it leaves the penalty area.
  • The build-out line also serves as the offside line (10U only). In other words, an attacking player will not be considered to be offside when they are standing between the halfway line and the build-out line in the opponent's half. (This is the official US Soccer rule. In 2017 in Region 42, the half line was considered to be the offside line, which is standard for 12U and older divisions.)

7U Division

In the 7U division, we will also be using the build-out line as in 8U/10U, but as there are no goalkeepers, the build-out line is only applicable to goal kicks. The defending team must wait behind the line until the ball is kicked. However, if the kicking team decides to kick the ball before the opponents have all gone behind the line, then the ball is in play.

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