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Sep, 2019

Opening Day 2019

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Opening Day for the 2019 Fall season is on September 7! Our 5U–14U teams have games at Pepper Tree Playfields and Dos Vientos Community Park starting at 8:00am and continuing through the day! Attending your child's soccer match is a fun and exciting experience for both you and your child. Here are some things you can do before leaving home to help make the day an even better experience for everyone.

Before Coming to the Fields

Know your schedule

Check the calendar for your team(s)! Confirm with your coach(es) what time your player is expected at the field.

Parking at Pepper Tree

Yes, we know parking at Pepper Tree is a challenge. Please be sure you know about the parking restrictions. We don't want you getting a ticket or even worse, towed! And please drive safely in the parking lot!

Bring full uniform

Players are required to be in complete uniform in order to be able to participate in their game. This includes their team uniform jersey & shorts, appropriately sized shin guards, uniform socks, and shoes. Shin guards go inside the socks. Make sure you have everything before leaving your home.

Remove all body jewelry

All jewelry must be removed in order for players to participate in games and practices. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Earrings: Players wearing earrings cannot play. Earrings cannot be covered with tape; they must be removed.
  • Bracelets: Players also cannot wear bracelets, including “friendship” bracelets. There is an exception for MedicAlert bracelets, which must be covered with tape.
  • Rings: Any rings must also be removed; they cannot be covered.
  • Hair accessories containing metal or hard plastic: This includes bobby pins, hair clips, and hair bands. Soft hair ties with or without ribbons are permitted.

These rules are in place for the safety of all players on the field. Please help to ensure that your player is ready for a safe and fun day.

Leave pets at home

While neighbors around our fields may walk their pets around the parks’ paths, no pets of any kind may be near the fields themselves. This includes but is not limited to: dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, horses, deer, tigers, snakes, lizards, and birds. This is not only part of our permit conditions, but is also for the safety of our players. Service animals as defined by the Americans With Disabilities Act are permitted.

Bring water and sunscreen

You and your child will like be at the fields for an hour or more, with them running around the fields for most of that time. Ensure that you and your child stay hydrated by bringing full water bottles to the game with you; one for yourself as well as your player. Also remember to bring and use sunscreen. Even if your game is early in the day there’s still plenty of sunlight beating down.

At the game

Dos and Don'ts

Do cheer for your team. Do cheer for your opponents when they do well.
Do encourage your kids to do their best. Praise motivates them much more than lecturing.
Do set an example of good sportsmanship. Kids model their behavior on yours.
Don't coach your kids while they're on the field. That's the coaches' job.
Don't yell at the referees. They're volunteers and they're trying their best.

Chairs/Blankets/Popup tents

If you bring a chair or blanket to the game, please remember to set up along your team’s touchline (sideline). If you must sit behind the goal line to take advantage of the shade when it's hot, please remember to only cheer for your team. Please be sure to stay at least 3 feet from the line so that the players and assistant referees have the space they need during the game. If you bring an umbrella, it too must be 3 feet from the touchline when open.

We look forward to seeing you as our kids kick off another fun AYSO season in Newbury Park!!

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