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What's New 2018

U.S. Soccer Player Development Initiatives

12U Division

For the 2017 season, it was decided that goalkeepers may not drop kick or punt the ball into the air. This restriction has been rescinded. In 2018, drop kicking/punting by the goalkeeper is permitted. However, players still may not head the ball and coaches may not do any activities in practices that involve heading.

10U Division

In an effort to encourage possession football, an extra line known as the "build-out line" has been added to each half of the field, halfway between the penalty area (aka the "18-yard box") and the half line. (Changes to this rule are in bold.)

  • When the goalkeeper is in possession of the ball, either in their hand or taking a goal kick, the defending team must retreat behind that line.
  • The goalkeeper is required to roll or pass the ball to a teammate who is on their side of the line. They may not punt or drop-kick the ball.
  • For the rule that goalkeepers must release the ball within six seconds of picking it up, the clock does not start until the defending team has retreated behind the build-out line.
  • If the goalkeeper releases the ball before the opposing team has retreated behind the line, the ball is considered to be in play and the opposing team may then attack the ball (i.e., they don't have to go back behind the line before advancing again).
  • On a goal kick, the defending team must wait until the ball is in play (i.e., the ball leaves the penalty area) before they may advance, not when the ball is kicked.
  • If the goalkeeper deliberately (in the opinion of the referee) kicks the ball past the build-out line, the opposing team is awarded an indirect free kick at the spot where the ball was kicked. If that spot was inside the goal box (aka the "six-yard box"), the kick will be taken on the goal box line. (This is the official US Soccer rule. In 2017 in Region 42, the kick was done at the build-out line.)
    • Example: The goalkeeper for the blue team puts the ball on the ground and attempts to pass it to a teammate who is standing near the build-out line, but the teammate is unable to stop the ball, or the teammate lets it roll by and it crosses the line. This is not considered a violation.
    • Example 2: Same scenario, but the pass is inaccurate and goes past the line. This may be a violation depending on how close the intended recipient was to the ball. If they are within the general vicinity this usually is not considered one, but if there is nobody near, then the referee may decide it looks like the goalkeeper was attempting to just boot the ball upfield, and that would be a violation. In other words, it all comes down to the referee's judgement.
  • The build-out line also serves as the offside line. In other words, an attacking player will not be considered to be offside when they are standing between their goal line and the build-out line in the opponent's half. (This is the official US Soccer rule. In 2017 in Region 42, the half line was considered to be the offside line, which is standard for 12U and older divisions.)

Safe Haven/Concussion Awareness

AYSO Safe Haven certification is now required every three membership years (a membership year lasts from August 1 to July 31). In addition, in accordance with California state law, the CDC Concussion Awareness class is now required for all coaches, referees, and other administrators. If your certification for either of those two was last done 7/31/16 or earlier, you must retake it. Both courses are available at AYSOU. Please use the same username and password as you did for this web site.

Coaches may not conduct practices or coach at games, referees may not officiate games, and board members may not partake in any AYSO activities if either certification has expired.

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