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AYSO offers free training and certification for referees and coaches to help ensure that games are fun, fair, safe, and a positive experience for every player. If you are planning to coach or assistant coach during post-season play you must be certified, or if you would like to simply take the next step along the coach or referee certification path for use anytime in the future (certification does not expire), some courses are still available nearby.

Referees are as critical to soccer as players and coaches. In AYSO, the game can not be played if there aren't enough referees. AYSO's referee training is considered some of the best in the U.S. Previous soccer knowledge is NOT required. The AYSO referee training will give you all you need to know to have a terrific experience on the field, and to help ensure the game is fun, fair and safe for every player, coach and fan. Information on upcoming Referee Referee Clinics can be found on our Referee Clinics Page.

A coach can be the most influential person in a child's life. In AYSO, Positive Coaching is a fundamental philosophy because of the crucial role that a coach has. Coaching in AYSO is a chance to spend quality time with your own child but you'll also provide an important role model for all the children on your team. In fact, the joy of coaching is so meaningful, that many AYSO coaches continue coaching long after their own children have moved on from AYSO. AYSO provides training and materials so that even a soccer novice can coach effectively by starting in the younger age divisions. If you are uncertain, try being an assistant coach. Our Region's Coach Administrator will be happy to try to match you up with somebody with a little more experienced. Information on upcoming Coach Clinics can be found on the Coach's Clinics page

Additional information about AYSO Coaches and Referees
can be found at the AYSO National Website.


After 11/29/2013, individual field information will not be posted until the 2014 season.

Before heading to practices, please check the CRPD Field Conditions website for specific field conditions and availability. The conditions at Pepper Tree playfield are comparable to Sequoia; if Pepper Tree is closed, Sequoia is likely closed as well.


    Why Sideline Screaming Can Stifle Your Child's Game  -   by mike woitalla
    Imagine you're undertaking a fairly difficult task: assembling a piece of furniture with hieroglyphic instructions, filling out IRS Form 4562 on April 14, or standing on the highest rungs of a ladder painting the crown moulding in your living room with 14-foot ceilings. Think it would help if someone yelled at you during the process? Of course not.